Live Simply in Smaller Spaces

Recently, Coyle Development and Building (CDB) has taken the up-and-coming “tiny house” concept to a new level.  We now present the Tiny Surf House, a revolutionary take on affordable, functional, and environmentally friendly housing. Specifically designed for the Floridian lifestyle, the Tiny Surf House allows for maximum return on even the smallest lots.  And with CDB in charge of building your home in paradise, superb quality is a given.

The “Tiny House” concept is an innovative alternative to traditional housing that particularly suits the lifestyle and geography of the Southwest Florida region. The Tiny Surf House is thus not only a superb use of space; it can multitask as either a vacation getaway home or a permanent residence. These qualities, in conjunction with its small environmental footprint, render the Tiny House unrivaled in efficiency and functionality.

At CDB, we have a history of concurrently directing multiple projects to successful completion; we also pride ourselves in our attention to detail, customer service and client satisfaction. Through efficient management and effective teamwork, Coyle Development and Building provides unparalleled service down to the most meticulous detail.

As a general contractor with over 25 years of experience as a business owner, superintendent, and construction manager, I am thoroughly confident in my company’s ability to craft your future dream house.  CDB has all the qualifications and resources to help you plan, coordinate, manage, and monitor the building of your home all the way from the initial concept to the final completion.

If you are considering a Tiny Surf House or traditional house, contact us to make your dreams a reality.


View a video of the interior